De Mafé is all about being a platform for artists and creatives to showcase their work on ethically and sustainably made garments. So for our first ever collection/launch we collaborated with Mexican painter and architect Hugo Salinas, whose style reflects his understanding of life.

Átame (inspiration for Blue Print)

La Lujuria (inspiration for Red Print)

For starters, life can be INTENSE, and haven't we all experienced that especially this past year? Am I right? But from that intensity emerges Hugo Salinas' paintings with a burning color palette, that we thought was important to show in Collection 1. His style also reflects that life is a constant mock, NEVER TAKE THINGS TOO SERIOUSLY, which we think is exactly what wearing a bikini is all about, having fun, being you, and not taking yourself too seriouslyyy! Since there's already so many things we actually need to take seriously. But anyways, why keep talking when the work speaks for itself…

-Maria del Pozo (aka De Mafé)